80 lbs Fishing Crossbow Review

If you are in the market for an 80 lbs fishing crossbow, then you have come to the right place. I have researched all of the top brands and found that the Jackson CrossBow is without a doubt, one of the best options on the market today. Not only does this bow pack a punch with its impressive weight and power, but it also comes with a host of features that make it perfect for serious fishermen. If you are looking for an amazing value when it comes to fishing gear, then be sure to check out the Jackson CrossBow!

80 lbs Fishing Crossbow Review


Recommended for these features->

✅ Self-Cocking Feature
✅ Auto-Safety Mechanism
✅ Bolt Retainer
✅ Tactical Adjustable Grip
✅ 80lb Draw Weight
✅ Width: 10 6 Power Stroke 175 ft/sec 11 Fishing Bolt with Removable Field Point (Broadhead Capable) Comes With 3 x 6 Inch Fishing Bolts and 3 Regular Bolts 2 x 20mm PiccatCheck Price

1. Self-Cocking Feature

With a self-cocking feature, this fishing crossbow lets you cock the bow and then release it to shoot without having to use your hands. This is especially handy if you’re wearing gloves or if your hands are cold. Just aim and pull the trigger!

2. Auto-Safety Mechanism

3. Bolt Retainer

A crossbow must have a good bolt retainer to keep the bolts in place while shooting. The 80 lbs Fishing Crossbow with Heavy 80 Fishing Bolt has a powerful 3-bolt retainer that ensures your bolts stay put while you take down your prey. This heavy crossbow is made of durable materials and comes with an easy-to-use scope, making it perfect for serious fishermen out there.

4. Tactical Adjustable Grip

The tactical adjustable grip on this 80 lbs fishing crossbow is perfect for those who want to shoot accurately and safely. It features a 4-point tactical shooting system that allows you to adjust the bow’s sights in any direction, ensuring that your shot will land where you want it to. Plus, its heavy 80 fishing bolt can penetrate even the toughest of fish targets

5. 80lb Draw Weight

Shooting a bow at a target is all about getting the right draw weight for your strength and style. The 80 lb fishing crossbow with its heavy 80lb bolt gives you just that – plenty of power to take down any fish in reach. With its easy-to-use pull cord, it’s simple to get setup and start shooting, even if you’re not an experienced archer.

6. Width: 10 6 Power Stroke 175 ft/sec 11 Fishing Bolt with Removable Field Point (Broadhead Capable) Comes With 3 x 6 Inch Fishing Bolts and 3 Regular Bolts 2 x 20mm Piccat

Reviews & Ratings of 80 lbs Fishing Crossbow

Our Rating: 3.9 Out of 5 Stars

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The 80 lbs Fishing Crossbow is a great bow for those who are looking to take their fishing game up a notch. it comes with an advanced cams and limbs that make sure the arrow will fly true, regardless of the conditions. With its light weight and easy-to-use drawstring cocking system, this crossbow is perfect for novice hunters as well as experienced anglers alike.
I found 18 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the 80 lbs Fishing Crossbow 3.9 stars out of 5 on average.
The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few niggling points raised. One customer said, “This crossbow was way too difficult to cock” while another complained about how heavy it was (despite being only 8 pounds).
However, no one else seems to have experienced these problems so perhaps they’re not common enough to warrant warning customers away from buying this crossbow altogether. Other customers said things like “a real beast in close quarter hunting situations” and “highly recommend!” which suggest that if you can get over any initial difficulties setting it up then you’ll be very pleased with your purchase indeed.


The 80 lbs Fishing Crossbow with Heavy 80 Fishing Bolt is a high-quality hunting crossbow that’s perfect for big game hunting. It has an impressive weight capacity and comes with a heavy 80 fishing bolt to take down your prey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far can a 80 lb crossbow shoot?

22 yards

What is an 80lb crossbow good for?

Additionally, killing game requires more than simply bolt force; if you want to be humane, you must make a shot that both injures and kills the prey, and for certain game, a broad-head tip is necessary. Small game may be killed from up to 20–40 yards away with an 80 lb. pistol crossbow’s force.

How fast is a 80 lb crossbow?

150 FPS

How far is a crossbow lethal?

Crossbows have an effective range of roughly 40 yards, similar to the majority of vertical bow hunters. Most hunters can properly shoot a crossbow at this range to do deadly damage.

What’s the most powerful crossbow pistol?

The Top 4 Pistol Crossbows for 2020 are shown below. Product Crossbow SpeedWeight (feet per second) 1. The Prophecy Self-cocking Crossbow 1.94 pounds 165 FPS Second, ACE Martial Arts Tactical Pistol Crossbow 2.5 pounds165 FPS The Kings Archery Self Cocking Crossbow Pistol, number 3. 165 FPS, 3 pounds MTECH USA DX-701.8 lbs160 FPS 4.

How far will a 400 fps crossbow shoot?

Well, if fired at a 45-degree angle, a contemporary crossbow shooting at 400 FPS can fire a bolt about 5,000 feet. The crossbow’s maximum range, when level, is around 240 feet. You must comprehend the variables that impact crossbow range and the associated arithmetic to comprehend why these values are so disparate.

Is 405 fps good for a crossbow?

Performance. If the name didn’t already make it clear, the Lethal 405 can launch 20-inch HYPR Lite arrows at a speed of 405 feet per second. Three carbon HYPR arrows with field tips are included in this kit. They measure 20 inches in length, weigh 370 grains, and have 100-grain field tips.

What is a good draw weight for a crossbow?

Employ Adequate Draw Weight Almost all crossbows in that range ought to be capable of dispatching a whitetail deer at medium ranges. However, the majority of the best hunting crossbows weigh between 150 and 175 pounds, with a few going up to 200 pounds. Generally speaking, larger is preferable, or in this instance, quicker.

How powerful is a crossbow compared to a gun?

So whereas 400 fps may be deemedquick” for a crossbow, 2,900 fps is far faster and is regarded as “rapid” for a rifle.

How powerful is a 90lb crossbow?

It shoots bolts at 240 fps, which is quicker than some crossbows weighing 150 lbs.

Can you fish with a crossbow?

California – In California, you are permitted to bowfish for invasive and non-game fish species but not for game fish.

How long does crossbow string last?

A crossbow string does not have a predetermined length of time. The lifespan of your crossbow string depends on a variety of things. Your crossbow string’s longevity will be greatly influenced by how well you take care of it. Crossbow strings should be replaced every two years as a general rule, however most people appear to go 4-5 years.

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