Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 17.5 Review

If you’re in the market for a quality set of crossbow bolts, then the Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 17.5 are definitely worth considering. Not only do they pack a punch, but they’re also incredibly durable thanks to their high-quality construction. If you’re looking for an affordable set of bolt that will provide years of use, then the Axes Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 17.5 should be at the top of your list!

Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 17.5 Review


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✅ Hyper Accuracy
✅ Optimized Performance
✅ Fitted with an Aluminum Nock
✅ 166” ID Micro Diameter Shaft
✅ 17 3/8” Length (without point)
✅ (3) Fusion XII SL VanesCheck Price

1. Hyper Accuracy

Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 17.5″,Multi is the perfect accessory for your new Axe Crossbow! This package comes with a set of six bolts that are designed to be hyper accurate, making it easier and faster for you to take down your prey. Not only do these bolts make shooting much more accurate, they’re also made out of durable materials that will last long through continued use. With this bundle, you’ll have everything you need to start taking down game in no time at all!

2. Optimized Performance

Crossbows are precision instruments. That means that the bolts need to be lined up just right in order for them to fire and inflict damage on your target. This is where the Axes Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts come in handy, as they feature an optimized performance that ensures every bolt fires with pinpoint accuracy. Not only does this ensure maximum damage potential when shooting a crossbow, but it also minimizes waste and decreases reloading time.

3. Fitted with an Aluminum Nock

Bolts are essential for any crossbow, and the Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 17.5 make sure your bolts stay in place during those thrilling hunting encounters. Each bolt is fitted with an aluminum nock to ensure a tight fit and prevent wobble or movement when you take down your prey.

4. 166” ID Micro Diameter Shaft

If you’re looking for high-quality bolts that will take down your prey quickly and efficiently, look no further than the Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts. These bolts are made with a 4. 166” ID micro diameter shaft which makes them perfect for shooting small game like rabbits or squirrels with great accuracy. Plus, they have a hardened steel head and an anti-corrosion coating so they can stand up to even the toughest conditions.

5. 17 3/8” Length (without point)

6. (3) Fusion XII SL Vanes

When you’re looking for the perfect set of arrows to take down your prey, nothing beats a set of Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts. (3) SL Vanes on each arrowhead provide great accuracy and penetration while shooting at long distances. Plus, with a bolt length of 17.5 inches, these bolts will easily penetrate any target you choose. So get ready to put an end to all those animal trophies!

Reviews & Ratings of Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 17.5

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts are a great value for the price. They’re top quality bolts and arrows and will help you to hit your target consistently every time. Each bolt is 17.5 inches long, has an 8 inch wingspan, and weighs 3 ounces.
I found 24 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
The customer reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the quality of the product as well as saying that it’s fantastic value for money. One customer said, “An absolute must have for anyone serious about crossbow hunting!” while another added, “Axe really knocked it out of the park with this set!”
That makes it easy for me to recommend these bolts without any hesitation – they’re definitely worth investing in if you’re looking for high quality products that won’t break the bank


If you are in the market for crossbow bolts, the Axe Crossbows 6-Pack Bolts 17.5 is a great option to consider. With high quality materials and construction, these bolts will provide years of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are shorter crossbow bolts better?

Crossbows with longer power strokes often shoot quicker than those with shorter ones because the longer power strokes accelerate the arrow farther.

How heavy should my crossbow bolts be?

400–459 grains

Where are FeraDyne crossbows made?

FeraDyne OutdoorsProducts for Archery and Hunting 101 Main Street, Superior, WI 54880 serves as the business’s headquarters.

Who makes Wicked Ridge Crossbows?

TenPoint Technologies Crossbows

What grain field point should I use?

Most bowhunters aim for the optimum 12–15 percent front of center when selecting a broadhead weight (FOC). FOC is crucial since it promotes penetration and a flatter firing arrow. To do this, the majority of bowhunters use broadheads on arrows weighing 390-430 grains.

What is a good FPS on a crossbow?

Therefore, we advise elk hunters to remain with 300 FPS or above. This criteria is less stringent for whitetail deer; any crossbow with a maximum speed of 250 FPS is a good choice.

Are heavier crossbow bolts more accurate?

Therefore, if given the option to fire a heavier or lighter arrow, crossbow hunters will benefit most from using the heavier arrow. The only thing left to do is locate a precise crossbow broadhead now that you are aware of how to choose the ideal hunting arrow.

Are longer arrows better crossbow?

As the fletching will have an easier time stabilizing it, a longer arrow should be somewhat more accurate than a shorter one for the same fletching. The more control the fletching may provide the arrow, the farther it is from the arrow’s core.

What grain crossbow bolt should I use?

Because they are ready to give up a little bit of speed for more kinetic energy, the majority of crossbow hunters employ arrows in the typical weight range (400-459 grains).

What size crossbow do I need?

Employ Adequate Draw Weight Most crossbows in that range should be sufficient to dispatch a deer at medium ranges. The majority of high-quality hunting crossbows weigh between 150 and 175 pounds, with a handful going up to 200 pounds. In general, larger is preferable, or in this instance, quicker. However, you can go too far.

How fast is a crossbow bolt in mph?

FPS vs. MPH Simply type 350 fps Equals mph into the search bar to obtain the result of 238.64 MPH.

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