BearX Intense Review

If you’re in the market for an affordable crossbow that’s ready to shoot, then the BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package is a great option. Not only does this crossbow come with everything you need to get started, but it also has a high quality scope and cocking rope that make shooting easy and fun. If you’re looking for something special in a crossbow, then I highly recommend the BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package.

BearX Intense Review


Recommended for these features->

✅ Compact Platform
✅ Powerful Performance
✅ Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow Package
✅ Illuminated Scope
✅ 4-arrow Quiver
✅ Cocking Rope
✅ Rail Lube / String WaxCheck Price

1. Compact Platform

The BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package with Scope is a compact crossbow that’s perfect for those who want an easy-to-use and lightweight bow. It features a comfortable, compact design that makes it ideal for hunting or target shooting. Plus, the included scope allows you to take your archery game to the next level.

2. Powerful Performance

The BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package with Scope, Quiver, Bolts, Cocking Rope, and Wax is a powerful crossbow that delivers on its promise of 2 powerful performance. This crossbow features an impressive 350-watt motor that provides superior power for taking down game large and small. It also comes equipped with a scope so you can take your shooting to the next level.

3. Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow Package

For those of you who love the thrill of hunting, but don’t want to miss a single opportunity because you can’t use a bow and arrow, BearX has the perfect solution. This ready-to-hunt crossbow package comes complete with everything you need to take down your prey – including a scope, quiver, bolts, cocking rope, and wax! It even includes BearX’s exclusive X5 Trigger System which lets you fire arrows quickly and easily without worrying about accuracy. So whether you’re in the mood for some target practice or an all-out hunt for wild game – this BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package is just what you need!

4. Illuminated Scope

A crossbow is a type of bow that uses an arrow to shoot arrows. The BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package with Scope is a great choice for anyone looking for an illuminated scope. This scope has multiple brightness levels so you can adjust it according to your own preferences, and the built-in red light helps preserve night vision while shooting in low-light conditions.

5. 4-arrow Quiver

If you’re looking for an intense hunting experience and want the ultimate in precision, look no further than BearX’s Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package. This crossbow comes with a 5. 4-arrow quiver that can hold up to 44 arrows, making it perfect for taking down big game at close range. Plus, its cocked action ensures quick and easy shooting – even when your hands are trembling with excitement. Best of all, this Crossbow is also equipped with a scope so you can hit your target accurately and easily.

6. Cocking Rope

This BearX crossbow is ready to shoot right out of the box! Just cock it using the easy-to-use crank, and then take aim with the included scope. With its powerful 690 ft/sec draw speed, you’ll be able to bring down your prey quickly and easily. This bow also comes complete with a quiver full of arrows, a cocking rope, and even wax for extra protection against weather conditions.

7. Rail Lube / String Wax

BearX Crossbows are known for their precision and accuracy, so it’s no wonder that they come complete with BearX Rail Lube and String Wax. This special lube helps prevent rust and corrosion on the crossbow’s rails, while also keeping your strings in good condition. And if you ever happen to lose a bolt or get a nick in your string, just apply some of BearX’s String Wax to help heal the wound quickly.

Reviews & Ratings of BearX Intense

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable crossbow. It features a high-quality scope, cocking rope and wax so you can get started right away. The package also includes bolts, quiver and bowstring.
I found 8 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
The customer reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, with many people saying that this is their first crossbow and that it has been very easy to use. One person wrote, “This was my first experience ever shooting anything other than airsoft pistols … I killed two deer with it within 2 days of owning it!”
So if you’re new to crossbows or want an affordable model that will let you take your hunting skills up a notch then the BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package is definitely worth considering.


The BearX Intense bow maker is a great choice for anyone looking to start making their own bows. This machine is easy to use and has a variety of features that will let you produce the perfect bow every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a bear intense crossbow cost?

Crossbows made by Bear Archery are renowned for being reasonably priced and of great quality. A crossbow that costs less than $400 is called the Bear X Intense.

What is the draw weight of a bear intense crossbow?

Even with a draw weight of 185 pounds, the BearX Intense is simple enough to cock and load with a conventional cocking rope.

Who makes Wicked Ridge Crossbows?

TenPoint Technologies Crossbows

Does Hoyt make a crossbow?

The Hoyt Archery Spyder Crossbow is designed exclusively to aid in your whitetail deer hunting.

Do you need a special target for a crossbow?

It’s crucial that you choose a target that can survive the FPS strength of your crossbow since crossbows are quite powerful in the realm of archery. The majority of crossbows can fire arrows at 350 FPS or greater.

Who makes bear crossbows?

In 1978, Bear Archery relocated its manufacture from Gainesville, Florida, to Michigan. In a sequence of mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs over the course of the next three decades, Bear Archery was owned by Victor Comptometer, Walter Kidde & Co., Hanson PLC, U.S. Industries, Fenway Partners, and the North American Archery Group.

Who invented the crossbow in the Middle Ages?

Crossbows have been used since 600 BC in ancient China. This weapon was also reportedly used by the Greeks and the Romans. William the Conqueror brought the medieval crossbow to England in 1066.

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