Benjamin BPABX Airbow Review

Benjamin BPABX Airbow Review


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✅ Bull-pup Design
✅ Short 33 Inch Overall Length
✅ Integrated Pressure Regulator
✅ Ambidexterous Top Cocking Bolt
✅ Includes Three Custom Arrows with Field Tips, 6x40 Scope, 20 MOA Base, Sling and QuiverCheck Price


With a powerful PCP-powered airbow, the Benjamin BPABX is perfect for hunting and target shooting. The bow can shoot arrows up to 50 feet per second, making it incredibly fast and accurate. Plus, its sleek design will look great in any hunting or target-shooting situation.

2. Bull-pup Design

Crosman’s Benjamin bow is designed with a bull-pup design that gives you more leverage and better accuracy when shooting. This is great for those who want to improve their marksmanship skills, or just have an extra bit of power when taking down game. The bow comes complete with a scope and arrows, so you can start practicing right away.

3. Short 33 Inch Overall Length

The Benjamin BPABX Airbow is perfect for any archer, beginner or experienced alike. With its short 33 inch overall length and lightweight design, this bow is easy to handle and shoot – even for smaller hands. Plus, the includedQuiver saves you from having to purchase an additional accessory. And at just over three pounds, it’s also very manageable and easy to transport.


The Crosman Benjamin BPABX Airbow is a top of the line bow that comes with a free-floating barrel, meaning there’s no need for an arrow rest. This makes it incredibly easy to get consistent shots every time, and ensures accuracy even when your hands are shaky. You don’t have to fuss with screws and bolts either – just tighten the built-in Allen wrench and you’re good to go. And if you ever want to upgrade your bow in the future, simply replace the included air reservoir without having to buy a whole new bow!

5. Integrated Pressure Regulator

6. Ambidexterous Top Cocking Bolt

This air bow is perfect for both lefties and righties! The top cocking bolt makes it easy to cock the bow without having to remove your hand from the grip, so you can shoot with either hand. Plus, since this airbow has an ambidexterous design, it’s great for shooting arrows in any direction – whether you’re aiming down at a target or just trying to get a little further away from your prey.

7. Includes Three Custom Arrows with Field Tips, 6x40 Scope, 20 MOA Base, Sling and Quiver

Whether you’re an avid hunter or just want to take your shooting game up a notch, the Benjamin BPABX Airbow is perfect for you. This 7-piece set comes with everything you need to get started including three custom arrows with field tips and a 6x40 scope, 20 MOA base, sling and quiver. With this set, you can hit any target that crosses your path – big or small!

Reviews & Ratings of Benjamin BPABX Airbow

Our Rating: 3.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Benjamin BPABX Airbow is a lightweight and portable bow for the hunter or sportsman who wants to take their hunting experience to a new level. This bow can shoot arrows up to 50 yards, making it perfect for taking down game in any situation.
I found 18 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Benjamin BPABX Airbow on average 3.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon.
Most customers seemed very happy with their purchase, rating it highly for its portability, light weight, accuracy and price point. One customer said: “This has been one of my favorite investments! I have taken it deer hunting multiple times now without issue” while another added: “Great buy – great product!!!!!! Highly recommend!!!” That makes this an easy product to recommend as well.


The Benjamin BPABX Airbow is a lightweight and compact bow hunting weapon that can be easily concealed. It’s made of high quality materials and comes with an included quiver, making it the perfect choice for novice archers or those on a budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What states allow Airbow?

Arizona, Virginia, Missouri, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Washington State are currently the only states that permit the use of airguns and/or the Crosman Airbow during hunting season.

How far will an Airbow shoot?

It is around 100 FPS quicker than a crossbow and very accurate to 50 yards. Additionally, a crossbow or bow generates a lot less noise. This year, I was able to catch 2 dollars from a distance of roughly 30 yards.

How loud is the Benjamin Airbow?

Review of the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow in-depth sound was produced airbow60lb compound104db89db at shooter; 86bd64db at 50 meters.

How fast is Benjamin Airbow?

The Benjamin Airbow combines the greatest elements of a PCP air rifle with a hunting crossbow. It is quicker and more powerful than a crossbow, as well as quieter and capable of speeds up to 450 fps and power up to 160 fpe.

Can you hunt with Airbows?

Crossbows and vertical bows cannot match the speed and precision of air bows. At 50 yards, they can discharge 2-inch groups of arrows at a pace of around 450 feet per second. They might make hunting accessible to those with impairments since they are efficient and simpler to use than traditional bows.

Can you hunt deer with an Airbow?

During the Modern Gun Season for all hunters and the Archery Season for hunters with disabilities, the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow will be a permitted method of taking Deer, Elk, Bear, and Turkey.

How fast does an Airbow shoot?

450 fps

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is a rifle, in response to your query. According to the definition of “Prohibited Device” in “Part III/Firearms and Other Weapons” of Section 84 of the Criminal Code of Canada, this rifle is prohibited in Canada if it has a bullpup stock.

How does a air bow work?

This lever cocks the piston within the stock of the airbow, preparing it for a compressed air burst that will launch the arrow forward. Then all you have to do is aim, release the safety, and shoot.

How powerful is an Airbow?

The Airbow is now “laden.” A blast of air is pumped down the pipe when the trigger is pulled, propelling the arrow forward with a force of 3,000 PSI. According to Crosman’s writings, that amount of pressure is sufficient to launch an arrow at a speed of 450 feet per second.

What is fps crossbow?

Typically, crossbow speeds are expressed in feet per second (FPS). When a crossbow is claimed to fire at 300 FPS, it indicates that, assuming the arrow could retain its speed and direction at all times, it would travel 300 feet in one second after leaving the flight rail.

How many fps does a compound bow shoot?

300 to 340 frames per second

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