CenterPoint Archery CP400 Review

The CenterPoint Archery CP400 is a great bow for the beginner or the experienced archer. It’s easy to use and comes with an instruction manual that makes learning how to shoot it a breeze. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with sights, but you can easily purchase them separately if you want them. Overall, I’m very pleased with this bow and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good starter bow or an upgrade from their old one.

CenterPoint Archery CP400 Review


Recommended for these features->

✅ Cnc-Machined Cam System
✅ Licensed Helicoil Technology
✅ Compact Design
✅ Fast Delivery Speeds Up To 400 Fps
✅ 142 Fpe Downrange Accuracy
✅ Axle-To-Axle Width of 6 InchesCheck Price

1. Cnc-Machined Cam System

The CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow AXCV200TPK Powered By Helicoil Technology is a precision-made bow with cnc-machined cam system that ensures smooth, consistent shots. The crossbow also features an ergonomic grip and sleek design for better handling. Plus, it comes packaged with a cocking sled, quiver and arrows to make set up easy.

2. Licensed Helicoil Technology

The CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow AXCV200TPK is powered by Helicoil technology, which means that the arrows are stabilized with a thin layer of copper so they fly straighter and farther. This not only results in better accuracy, but also increased speed and power.

3. Compact Design

The CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow is a sleek and compact bow that’s perfect for taking on the outdoors. This crossbow features Helicoil technology, which uses special shock-absorbing threads in the bowstrings to reduce vibration and increase accuracy. Plus, its compact design means it can be easily transported anywhere you go.

4. Fast Delivery Speeds Up To 400 Fps

The CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow AXCV200TPK Powered By Helicoil Technology is a powerful crossbow that has been designed with the hunter in mind. It features a fast delivery speed of up to 400 fps, making it incredibly accurate and deadly. Additionally, its camo design makes it virtually unnoticeable when hunting in stealth mode.

5. 142 Fpe Downrange Accuracy

The CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow AXCV200TPK Powered By Helicoil Technology is a high performance crossbow that features 5. 142 Fpe downrange accuracy. This crossbow’s camo-patterned stock and forend provide optimum stealth while hunting, minimizing the chance of detection. The sleek ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and cock, even with gloves on.

6. Axle-To-Axle Width of 6 Inches

With its 6 inch axle-to-axle width, the CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow AXCV200TPK is designed for precision and power. The helicoil technology in this crossbow allows it to launch arrows with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. And thanks to its package including a cocking sled, quiver and arrows, you can get started hunting right out of the box!

Reviews & Ratings of CenterPoint Archery CP400

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The CenterPoint Archery CP400 is a great bow for beginners and experienced archers alike. It’s easy to use, has an accurate shooting system and comes with a variety of arrows. The only downside is that it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing bow on the market. But if you are looking for something reliable, affordable and versatile then this model should definitely be at the top of your list.\
I found 18 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the CenterPoint Archery CP400 4.3 stars out of 5 on average.\
The customer reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive – there was only one niggle raised which read as follows: “Bought this bow in Jan 2019 & have been using it almost daily since! Exceptional value for price point! Bar none!!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an entry-level recurve or crossbow!!” That said, no other reviewer seems to have had any issues with their purchase so I would highly recommend purchasing this particular product from Amazon.


The CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow AXCV200TPK Powered By Helicoil Technology is a great crossbow for the beginner or experienced archer. It is easy to use and comes with all the necessary components, such as a cocking sled, quiver and arrows, to get you started right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CP400 a good crossbow?

To put it simply, the CP400 could be among the greatest crossbows available for deer hunting.

Are CenterPoint bows any good?

good value in a crossbow. Although I’ve worked with crossbows before, this is my first one that I own. It’s fantastic because it has many of the features seen in bows costing three to four times as much, like 370 fps (with the appropriate arrows), string dampeners, anti-dry fire, etc.

What company makes CenterPoint crossbows?

The parent firm of well-known outdoor companies including Crosman and Benjamin Airguns, CenterPoint Archery and Optics, LaserMax, and GameFace Airsoft is called Velocity Outdoor.

Are CenterPoint crossbows quiet?

Our smallest crossbow, designed in the bullpup style, has a simple, ultra-quiet draw and is made for maximum stealth. Get the arrows made to enhance your CenterPoint bow’s performance.

Is CenterPoint made by Ravin?

In addition to Crosman and Benjamin Airguns, CenterPoint Archery and Optics, LaserMax, Copperhead, and GameFace Airsoft, Ravin joins the range of prestigious brands offered by Velocity Outdoor. With its main office in Superior, Wisconsin, Ravin Crossbows is a renowned crossbow and accessory designer, manufacturer, and developer.

How far can a CenterPoint crossbow shoot?

50 yards

Are CenterPoint bows made in USA?

Only in the USA are they put together. A business named Velocity Outdoors currently owns Ravin. CenterPoint crossbows are also owned by this parent firm. The current design, production, and assembly of Ravin crossbows takes place in Superior, Wisconsin.

What scope comes with the CP400?

The 3x32 lighted scope (red and green) that comes with the CP400 must be installed by the owner.

Who makes Wicked Ridge crossbows?

TenPoint Technologies Crossbows

Does Raven make CenterPoint crossbows?

NEW RAVIN R LIMBS Camo 400fps CenterPoint CP400 Crossbow Package for 2021!

How long is CenterPoint crossbow warranty?

five years

Where are TenPoint crossbows made?

Ohio’s Mogadore

Who makes the killer instinct crossbow?

In its current portfolio, Killer provides two crossbows. The only major distinction between the two crossbows, both of which are marketed under the moniker Killer Instinct, is draw weight and speed. The Killer Instinct family of crossbows is a reasonably light (6.5 lbs. or so) crossbow that provides a nice balance of mobility, speed, and accuracy.

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