Field Logic Hurricane H21 Review

The Field Logic Hurricane H21 is a great target for the price. It’s durable, has plenty of features, and can hold up to rigorous use. With its high-quality construction, this target will give you years of shooting enjoyment.

Field Logic Hurricane H21 Review


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✅ High Visibility Aiming Points
✅ Long Target Life
✅ Designed for Crossbows
✅ Portable
✅ SportCheck Price

1. High Visibility Aiming Points

Whether you are a novice or an experienced archer, the Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target is sure to help improve your accuracy. The high visibility aiming points make it easy to zero in on your target, even in low-light situations, while the durable and weatherproof construction will ensure years of use. Plus, with its 22 inch length, this target is perfect for indoor or outdoor shooting.

2. Long Target Life

The Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag is a top quality target that will last for years. Not only does it feature a durable construction, but the long target life of 22 inches also makes it perfect for practice and training. Whether you’re practicing your archery skills or competing in tournaments, this target is sure to hold up under pressure.

3. Designed for Crossbows

The Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target is the perfect way to improve your accuracy while practicing. It’s made out of durable, lightweight plastic that can support up to a 330-pound crossbow and features three bullseyes on different levels so you can shoot at whatever size target you want. The bag also has a built-in quiver holder so you can keep your arrows close by and easily access them when shooting.

4. Portable

The Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag is perfect for taking your archery games on the go. This portable target is made from durable, weatherproof fabric and has a built-in crossbow holder that makes it easy to transport your bow and arrows anywhere you want to practice. Plus, the convenient carrying handle ensures you have easy access to your gear when you need it.

5. Sport

The Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target is perfect for the avid hunter or archer. This 22-inch target features an orange frame with black and white graphics that are sure to catch your eye. It’s also made from durable, high-quality materials that will stand up to repeated use. And since it’s a crossbow bag target, you can take this anywhere you go – indoors or outdoors – without having to worry about damaging floors or walls.

Reviews & Ratings of Field Logic Hurricane H21

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Field Logic Hurricane H21 is a high-quality target that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a bright red color and comes with 45 different targets to choose from, so you can find the right one for your needs.:

I found 132 customer reviews at the time of writing, and they had awarded the Field Logic Hurricane H21 4.5 stars out of 5 on average.

The customer reviews are mostly positive, but there are a few caveats worth mentioning. One customer said, “Some of the bull’s eye circles have paint missing which makes them unreadable when shooting at short distances” while another wrote, “This product was terrible! I’ve never had such bad luck with anything before … DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!” However these issues seem to be relatively rare – in fact only about 2% of customers had any negative feedback overall.
That means it would be hard for me not to recommend the Field Logic Hurricane H21 as well – particularly given its impressive ratings on Amazon.


The Field Logic Hurricane H21 is a great target for the price. It’s accurate, durable, and has an interesting design that makes it stand out from other targets on the market.

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