Great Day QD802CB Review

The Great Day QD802CB Quick-Draw Double Crossbow Rack is a great addition to any home or hunting camp. It’s constructed from heavy duty steel, making it durable and able to support even the heaviest crossbows. The rack also has two quick-draw slots that make it easy to store your crossbow in an organized manner. In addition, the included clamps are perfect for securing your crossbow in place while you’re out hunting or shooting. If you’re looking for a quality gun rack that will help organize and protect your firearms, then look no further than the Great Day QD802CB Quick-Draw Double Crossbow Rack.

Great Day QD802CB Review


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✅ Safe Transportation
✅ Maximum Protection for Crossbows
✅ Quick and Solid Installation
✅ Robust Housing
✅ Delivery ScopeCheck Price

1. Safe Transportation

The Great Day QD802CB Quick-Draw Double Crossbow Rack is a sturdy and safe way to transport your crossbow. The rack has two secure padded straps that will safely hold your bow in place while you drive or ride to your next shooting spot. Plus, the rack folds up for easy storage when not in use.

2. Maximum Protection for Crossbows

With its double crossbow rack, the QD802CB from Great Day can provide maximum protection for your crossbows. The rack is made of heavy-duty steel construction and includes two clamps that securely hold each bow in place. This ensures against any accidental movement or damage to your valuable crossbows. Plus, it’s easy to install – just slide the rack onto a sturdy surface and tighten the clamps.

3. Quick and Solid Installation

If you’re looking for a quick and solid way to store your guns, the Great Day QD802CB Quick-Draw Double Crossbow Rack is perfect for you. This rack is made from heavy duty steel, so it can support up to two crossbows securely. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to install – just attach the two mounting brackets to your wall using the included screws and bolts. You won’t have any trouble storing your guns in this rack – or taking them down if necessary.

4. Robust Housing

5. Delivery Scope

The Great Day QD802CB Quick-Draw Double Crossbow Rack is a great way to store and organize your guns. The rack has two compartments that are separated by the patented quick draw system, which allows you to quickly grab any weapon without having to open the entire rack. This makes it perfect for tight spaces or if you have multiple weapons that need to be stored in separate areas. Plus, with a capacity of up to four crossbows, this rack can handle anything you could possibly want or need in terms of storage space for your weaponry.

Reviews & Ratings of Great Day QD802CB

Our Rating: 2.9 Out of 5 Stars

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The Great Day QD802CB Quick-Draw Double Crossbow Rack is a great way to store your crossbow safely and securely. It comes with two quick-draw clamps that attach easily to any rail or post, making it easy to grab your crossbow whenever you need it.
However, the customer reviews on Amazon are not as positive as they could be. Out of a possible 5 stars, only 2.9 stars were awarded by customers.
One customer said, “I was very disappointed in this item … The screws did not fit well into the holes in my wood” while another said, “not bad for the price but would have liked better quality” both of which knocked off one star from their overall rating.
However, despite these few negative comments there are still many people who have rated the product 4 or 5 stars – so if you’re looking for a gun rack that will secure your crossbow quickly and easily then this is likely an option you’ll like.


The Great Day QD802CB gun rack and clamp set is a great addition to any gun enthusiast’s collection. The sturdy construction ensures that your firearms will be safe and secure while you’re away from home, and the clamps are easy to use and fit most guns securely.

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