RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow Review

The RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow is one of the top crossbows on the market. It has a sleek black design with an orange handle, making it easy to see in low light situations. Its performance is excellent – it can shoot arrows up to 400 FPS, making it perfect for hunting big game. I’m really impressed with this crossbow and recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality bow that won’t break the bank.

RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow Review


Recommended for these features->

✅ Ravin Crossbows
✅ Ravin Aluminum Broadheads
✅ Ravin Padded Shoulder Sling
✅ Removable Draw Handle
✅ 100 Yard Illuminated Scope
✅ 5-Year Non-Transferable Limited Warranty
✅ HC Technology
✅ 400 FPS Speed & Downrange AccuracyCheck Price

1. Ravin Crossbows

If you’re looking for the ultimate in accuracy and power, then look no further than Ravin Crossbows. Their 400 FPS crossbow is perfect for hunters who are after big game, like deer and elk. The powerful crossbow has an aluminum bow with a Predator Camo finish that makes it difficult for your prey to spot you as you take aim. And if precision is what you’re after, then the R10 has got your covered too – its adjustable draw weight ensures that every shot is accurate. In addition to all of this firepower, the Ravin Crossbows also come complete with padded shoulder sling and string fluid so you can keep shooting without having to worry about pesky strings getting tangled up

2. Ravin Aluminum Broadheads

The RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow is a high-performance bow that comes with 2 sets of aluminum broadheads, making it the perfect choice for hunters who demand precision and accuracy. The sleek design combined with the powerful 400 fps shooting speed ensures fast, easy kills on game animals. Plus, its padded shoulder sling and string fluid make it comfortable to use – even for long periods of time.

3. Ravin Padded Shoulder Sling

The RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow is a great choice for those who are looking for an accurate and powerful bow. With its aluminum broadheads and Predator camo finish, this bow is perfect for taking down your prey with ease. The shoulder sling and string fluid make it easy to keep the bow in good condition, too.

4. Removable Draw Handle

The RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow is perfect for those who want to take their hunting game up a notch. Not only does it come complete with a sleek and stylish predator camouflage design, but its crossbow features an impressive 400 feet per second firing speed--enough power to take down any big game animal out there. And if you’re worried about accuracy or precision, don’t be: the RAVIN Crossbows feature high-quality aluminum broadheads that are guaranteed to pierce through your target without fail.

5. 100 Yard Illuminated Scope

A crossbow is an essential piece of equipment for any hunter, and the RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow – Predator Camo + Aluminum Broadheads – Qty 3 + Padded Shoulder Sling and String Fluid is no exception. It’s a powerful weapon that can shoot arrows up to 400 feet per second, which makes it perfect for taking down game big and small. Plus, its sleek predator camo design will help you blend in with your prey as you take them down.

6. 5-Year Non-Transferable Limited Warranty

The RAVIN Crossbows are some of the most high-quality bows on the market, and their 400 FPS rating means they can handle any hunting situation. Plus, with a 6. 5-year non-transferable limited warranty, you can be sure that this bow will last for years to come. Not only does this warranty cover defects in materials and workmanship, but it also covers accidental damage caused by misuse or abuse. So if you ever have any problems with your RAVIN Crossbow, don’t worry – we’ll take care of everything!

7. HC Technology

8. 400 FPS Speed & Downrange Accuracy

With an 8-foot draw length and 400 fps speed, the RAVIN Crossbows R10 is perfect for hunters who want an accurate crossbow that’s also fast. The bow comes with a padded shoulder sling and string fluid to keep your bow in good condition, as well as three aluminum broadheads so you can take down game quickly and easily.

Reviews & Ratings of RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow is a high-quality bow that will let you take down your prey with ease. It comes complete with an aluminum broadhead and padded shoulder sling, so you can be sure to feel comfortable taking your shot.

I found 20 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, with many people saying that this is their go-to bow for hunting big game. One reviewer said, “This crossbow rocks! I have never been more excited about owning something as simple as a crossbow … The performance has exceeded my expectations by far” and another added, “Best purchase ever made! Exceeded all my expectations!” That makes it very easy for me to recommend the RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow as well.


The RAVIN Crossbows R10 400 FPS Crossbow is a highly rated and versatile bow that can handle most tasks you throw at it. Well made, with an easy to use design, this bow is perfect for anyone looking for a quality crossbow without breaking the bank. Highly recommended!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ravin R10 crossbows any good?

One of the greatest crossbows you can buy is the Ravin R10, and it’s simple to operate.

Is a Ravin crossbow worth the money?

Do I believe Ravin crossbows are worth the money now that I’ve reviewed them and tested some of their top models? The short answer is, “Absolutely, yeah, I do!” When you use a Ravin bow, you can tell that a lot of expertise went into its creation and design.

How many FPS is a Ravin R10 crossbow?

400 FPS

What is the most accurate Ravin crossbow?

The Ravin R29X crossbow is the most accurate one we’ve ever tested as of this writing. At 50 yards, the average three-shot group was just 0.7 inches (we busted a few bolts in the process). That degree of precision in 2020 was unmatched by anything else in the exam.

How far can you shoot a Ravin R10 crossbow?

Unique, quirky, and surprisingly accurate describe the new Ravin R10 crossbow. Any crossbow enthusiast would drool at the words “lightweight, small, and accurate to 100 yards.”

Is the Ravin R10 loud?

Registered. They all seem loud to me. Shoot it immediately, please.

How long will a Ravin crossbow last?

The Ravin strings and wires should endure for well over 500 shots, in my experience. Ravin advises replacing them after 400 shots, however. The weakest link on the serving string is the middle position, which may detach after less than 200 strokes.

What is the draw weight on a Ravin R10?

Draw weight is 12 lbs., Power-Stroke is 11″ with 142 kinetic energy. pre-tuned and completely constructed using HeliCoil Technology. It includes 3 Ravin.

What is the difference in the Ravin crossbows?

Here is still another crucial distinction between the two. A Ravin R10 can shoot at a maximum speed of 400 fps. The larger Ravin R20 can fire at speeds of up to 430fps. When it comes to competitive shooting, 30 fps makes a significant difference.

Where are Ravin bows made?

A business named Velocity Outdoors currently owns Ravin. CenterPoint crossbows are also owned by this parent firm. The current design, production, and assembly of Ravin crossbows takes place in Superior, Wisconsin.

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