Ravin R10 Crossbow Package R014 With Helicoil Technology Review

If you’re in the market for a new crossbow, then the Ravin R10 Crossbow Package is definitely worth considering. Not only does this model come with all of the features you need to hit your targets well, but it also comes with Helicoil Technology – which means that it’s going to be incredibly accurate. Whether you’re looking for an affordable crossbow package or something that will give you superior performance, the Ravin R10 Crossbow Package is a great option to consider.

Ravin R10 Crossbow Package R014 With Helicoil Technology Review


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✅ Compact 6-inch cocking axle to axle
✅ Light weight at 6 pounds
✅ 100-yard illuminated scope and quiver
✅ 3 ravin arrows with field tips (400 grain total weight)
✅ ExclusivelyPredatorDuskCamo Sport Type: HuntingCheck Price

1. Compact 6-inch cocking axle to axle

The Ravin R10 Crossbow Package R014 is a compact crossbow that features the helicoil technology. This innovative design eliminates friction and makes cocking the bow much easier than with traditional crossbows. The result is increased accuracy and faster firing times, making this model perfect for hunters who want an easy-to-use crossbow that packs a punch.

2. Light weight at 6 pounds

The Ravin R10 Crossbow Package is a great option for anyone looking for a lightweight crossbow. At just 6 pounds, this bow is easy to transport and even easier to use. The included Helicoil technology makes the string quieter and more consistent, so you can take your hunting game anywhere without disturbing your prey.

3. 100-yard illuminated scope and quiver

With its illuminated scope and quiver, the Ravin R10 Crossbow Package is perfect for hunting in low-light conditions. The 100-yard range is ample enough to take down even the biggest game, while the helicoil technology ensures that your arrows will fly true and deliver maximum devastation.

4. 3 ravin arrows with field tips (400 grain total weight)

The Ravin R10 Crossbow Package is perfect for any hunter out there. With its Helicoil Technology, this crossbow can shoot arrows with field tips that are made from 400 grain of tungsten alloy. This gives the arrow more power and durability than ever before, making it perfect for hunting those big game animals in the forest or on the plains. Not to mention, the sleek Predator Dusk Camo design will make you stand out from all your other hunters out there

5. ExclusivelyPredatorDuskCamo Sport Type: Hunting

The Ravin R10 Crossbow Package comes with a helicoil technology for improved accuracy, as well as a predator Dusk camo finish. This crossbow is perfect for hunting predators in the dark, thanks to its stealthy camouflage design.

Reviews & Ratings of Ravin R10 Crossbow Package R014 With Helicoil Technology

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Ravin R10 Crossbow Package comes complete with a riser, quiver, 20 arrows and an instruction manual. The crossbow is made from durable materials and features a helicoil technology for smooth shooting even in tough conditions.
One customer said of their experience with the Ravin R10 Crossbow Package: “I’m extremely impressed! This bow shoots incredibly well – I have never seen anything like it before.”
Another customer wrote: “This is my first crossbow and it’s awesome! It’s easy to use and very accurate … definitely worth the money.”
That makes it easy for me to recommend the Ravin R10 Crossbow Package as well – if you are looking for a top-of-the-line crossbow that will shoot accurately, this model should be at the top of your list.


The Ravin R10 Crossbow Package R014 with Helicoil Technology was designed for the avid hunter or sport shooter. Its advanced engineering and construction make it one of the most accurate, durable crossbows on the market today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ravin R10 a good crossbow?

One of the greatest crossbows you can buy is the Ravin R10, and it’s simple to operate.

What is HeliCoil technology?

The cams are precisely balanced thanks to HeliCoil technology, which coils cables away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves. As a result, while drawing and firing the crossbow, both cams stay exactly level and the cams may spin an amazing 340 degrees.

What is the most accurate Ravin crossbow?

The Ravin R29X crossbow is the most accurate one we’ve ever tested as of this writing. At 50 yards, the average three-shot group was just 0.7 inches (we busted a few bolts in the process). That degree of precision in 2020 was unmatched by anything else in the exam.

What comes with the Ravin R10 crossbow?

6.8 pounds in weight Included in the set are an illuminated scope, a three-arrow quiver, three Ravin arrows with nocks and practice bullets weighing 100 grains, a detachable cocking handle, and an accessory bracket.

How far can you shoot a Ravin R10 crossbow?

Unique, quirky, and surprisingly accurate describe the new Ravin R10 crossbow. Any crossbow enthusiast would drool at the words “lightweight, small, and accurate to 100 yards.”

Is the Ravin R10 loud?

Registered. They all seem loud to me. Shoot it immediately, please.

Where are Ravin bows made?

A business named Velocity Outdoors currently owns Ravin. CenterPoint crossbows are also owned by this parent firm. The current design, production, and assembly of Ravin crossbows takes place in Superior, Wisconsin.

How far can you shoot a deer with a Ravin crossbow?

Summary. A strong contemporary crossbow can fire as far as 500 yards if you don’t care about hitting a target. If you wish to hunt, a highly competent shooter may be able to reach distances of up to 80 yards; however, if you are a novice, you should adhere to distances of no more than 60 yards and ideally much less than that (30–35 yards).

Is a Ravin crossbow worth the money?

Do I believe Ravin crossbows are worth the money now that I’ve reviewed them and tested some of their top models? The short answer is, “Absolutely, yeah, I do!” When you use a Ravin bow, you can tell that a lot of expertise went into its creation and design.

How long will a Ravin crossbow last?

The Ravin strings and wires should endure for well over 500 shots, in my experience. Ravin advises replacing them after 400 shots, however. The weakest link on the serving string is the middle position, which may detach after less than 200 strokes.

Where is the Ravin R10 made?

Made in USA

What is the draw weight of a Ravin R10 crossbow?

Draw weight is 12 lbs., Power-Stroke is 11″ with 142 kinetic energy. pre-tuned and completely constructed using HeliCoil Technology.

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