Taser Pulse Review

Taser Pulse is a stun gun designed for self-defense. It has a high voltage and low amperage that makes it safe to use. The Taser Pulse comes with two safety devices – the wrist strap and activation button – that help ensure your protection in case of an emergency.

Taser Pulse Review


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✅ Self-defense
✅ Lightweight and durable
✅ Includes a built-in flashlight, targeting laser, and angled sights
✅ Shaved safeties
✅ 15 foot shooting distanceCheck Price

1. Self-defense

It’s no secret that stun guns are one of the most effective self-defense tools out there. And with two cartridges and a conductive target, the Taser Pulse is even more versatile than ever. When faced with an attacker, it’s important to have as many options available to you as possible. Not only can you use the gun to incapacitate your assailant, but you can also shoot at their feet or other vulnerable areas for extra damage.

2. Lightweight and durable

The Taser Pulse is a lightweight and durable stun gun that comes with 2 cartridges, making it perfect for self-defense. The weapon’s rechargeable battery provides up to 30 minutes of continuous use before needing to be recharged, and the light weight makes it easy to carry around. Additionally, the Conductive Target feature allows you to defense yourself by targeting specific areas on your assailant – such as their eyes or throat – in order to disable them temporarily so you can escape safely.

3. Includes a built-in flashlight, targeting laser, and angled sights

4. Shaved safeties

Tasers are one of the most popular self-defense tools on the market because they provide an instantaneous incapacitation of your attacker. The Taser Pulse protects you by providing two sets of cartridges – one for use if someone grabs or punches you and another set for when they reach for your weapon. Simply pull out the conductive target and aim it at your assailant, then fire to stun them and protect yourself.

5. 15 foot shooting distance

This self-defense tool is perfect for anyone who wants to protect themselves from potential harm. The Taser Pulse comes with two cartridges, each of which can deliver a stunning 500,000 volts of electricity. That’s more than enough power to incapacitate an attacker in just 5. 15 feet! Plus, the Conductive Target helps you pinpoint your target even better so that you can make sure that shot connects and delivers the maximum impact possible.

Reviews & Ratings of Taser Pulse

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool is a powerful and reliable stun gun that comes with (2) cartridges and (1) conductive target. This stun gun can be used to disable an assailant or protect yourself from harm. Well made, easy to use, and affordable, the Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool is a popular choice for self-defense enthusiasts and would make a great addition to any home arsenal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Taser Pulse battery last?

10 years

How far does the Taser pulse shoot?

With a 15-foot shooting range, two live cartridges, a lithium power magazine, a target, and a black finish, the Taser Pulse Plus with Laser is compatible with the NoonLight app.

Are Taser cartridges reusable?

The cartridges may they be reused? Although each cartridge can only fire once, it may nonetheless produce several electrical cycles. This implies that even though a target can only be shot at once, further electrical cycles may be used as long as the darts are still in the target after the first 30-second electrical cycle.

Is a Taser good for self-defense?

The best option for self-defense is always a legal, non-lethal weapon. You don’t want to have to use a deadly defensive weapon, such as a pistol or knife, even if you are legally permitted to carry one. Therefore, the ideal self-defense weapons to have on hand are pepper spray, a stun gun, or a Taser.

Do stun guns work through clothing?

The charge enters the attacker’s body when you push the stun pistol on them while holding the trigger. The charge will flow through thick clothes and skin since it has a rather high voltage.

Can I buy a Taser for protection?

According to Taser International, tasers are acceptable for use by law enforcement in every state. However, there are a number of places where Tasers are illegal for consumers to use or own, including Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

What does it feel like to get tased?

One tased subject characterized the sensation as “shooting, agonizing, and shaking his head like a peanut in a jar.” Someone other said that she felt as if bees were swarming into her skin.

How long do Taser cartridges last?

Check the TASER cartridges’ expiry date (5-year expiration date is listed on the base of the cartridge). In the field, never use a TASER cartridge that has expired. Only practice should be done with expired cartridges.

How accurate is a Taser?

Tasers had an 86 percent “immediate incapacitation rate,” which increased to 94 percentfield success rate,” then 97 percent. According to the manufacturer, Taser efficacy reached 99 percent or even 100 percent in tests and demonstrations. Axon has stopped using such specific efficacy rates in its marketing in more recent years.

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