Viridian C5L-R Review

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable rifle scope that can handle a wide range of shooting conditions, the Viridian C5L-R is definitely worth considering. This scope is perfect for hunters and target shooters who need to be able to take their game hunting or shooting to new heights. The C5L-R is also very easy to use and comes with a variety of features that will make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable.

Viridian C5L-R Review


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Our Rating: 4.2 Out of 5 Stars

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The Viridian C5L-R is a top of the range hunting rifle sight. It features 5 illuminated aiming points and can be used with both red dot sights and scopes. The bright green LED makes it easy to see in low light conditions, while the rubber armoring protects your gun from scratches.
I found 16 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Viridian C5L-R 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.\
The customer reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, with many people saying that this is one of the best hunting rifle sights they have ever used. One person wrote, “This Sight Is Awesome!” Another said, “Best Hunting Rifle Sight I Have Owned!” and another simply said, “Great Product!” That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Viridian C5L-R as well.


The Viridian C5L-R is a top quality gun sight that offers excellent value for the price. Its features and construction make it a favorite of shooters and hunters, while its low profile makes it ideal for use on tactical firearms.

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